Want your smile to sparkle like Katy Perry?

Here are the secret tips & tricks for a sparkling smile that will glow everytime you smile. Dental Health is important not only for a great smile, but for your overall health.

1) Brush Your Teeth! The ADA recommends at least Twice a Day, for Two-minutes. With braces we encourage you to try to brush after every meal, or rinse. Skipping this important routine, can cause issues from bad breath, to cavities and even gingivitis. When you don’t brush you risk meeting these mouth monsters.

2) Floss Your Teeth. Just by brushing you are still missing 35% of your teeth surfaces. Braces provide even more places for bacteria to hide. Visit our Brushing and Flossing page to see how to properly brush and floss.

3)Eat Teeth Healthy Foods. During your treatment with braces it is important to eat healthy foods, however even after your treatment sugary foods and drinks can dull your sparkling smile. Here is a video with tips on what to eat while you are in treatment.

If you have questions or concerns on how to make your smile sparkle just ask us!

Show us a picture of you brushing your teeth in our Toothbrushing Selfie contest running through March 11th!